A giveaway because I love you all!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you likely already know that I had the great blessing of attending the Syracuse Catholic Women’s Conference on Saturday, October 28. It was my third year going, and I hope I can go every year for the rest of my life — I love it! It’s always a wonderful day with amazing speakers, unending coffee, loads of bathrooms (it’s held in a convention center, so it already has a lot of bathrooms, PLUS they make all the men’s bathrooms women’s bathrooms for the day! No waiting!), an amazing lunch that’s light enough that I don’t feel like I want to die after (as is often the case, thanks to a once strong-as-steel belly that has turned oh-so-sensitive in recent years) but is always delicious and elegant and leaves me satisfied and includes dessert (!), and the vendors! There are so many vendors of so many amazing things! Books, rosaries, holy cards, statues, pictures — and one very special shop that I’m thrilled to tell you all about today!


Do you all remember the profile I did of Sharon last year? (If not, go check it out! Her kids’ names are ah-MAZ-ing!!) I’d been a follower of her on Instagram for a while, and when I saw her at the Conference last year I shyly introduced myself, and discovered she’s just as lovely in person as she seemed on IG, and I looked forward to seeing her there again this year, which was so fun! I posted this picture of us, and she posted this one — I love them both!

And ohhhh you guys, she makes the most gorgeous things!! I often drool over them on IG (this outfit has caught my interest recently, and this one too — as I told her, I love my boys, and I love having all boys, but little girl outfits are just so darling!), and seeing them in real life was even more amazing. I was standing by her table holding some of her things in my hands, and an older lady walked by and asked me what Sharon sells, so I showed her what I was holding and said, “And it’s all made by hand!” and she scrutinized it in that way that old ladies do and declared, “And it doesn’t even look handmade!” Haha! But it’s so true!

I really wanted to share her talent with all of you! So I’m thrilled to tell you that I have a gorgeous dress from her shop that I’m giving away to one of you very lucky ladies! (Or gents, as the case may be!) (Am I million years old for saying “gents”??) It’s got ROSES on it! And it’s pink! And it’s shorter in the front than in the back — I LOVE that feature!


This is 12-18 month size, and I can see it being perfect for Easter (with a little white sweater maybe? And with or without one of the darling bonnets that Sharon also sells in her shop? 😉 ) and certainly for the summer! Leggings would be perfect under it (which Sharon also makes! I die over these Star Wars ones) or tights … am I getting a little carried away picturing how I would dress a little girl in this dress??

The giveaway is open now, and will run until midnight Friday night, and I’ll announce the winner on Saturday — the day of Our Lady! To enter, just click here … but wait! There’s more! If the winner is also a follower of Baby My Love on Instagram, Sharon will add in one of these gorgeous skirts of your choice (here or here)! So be sure to go follow her!!

And for all of you, she’s offering the coupon code CHRISTMAS17 for 15% off in the shop, good until Christmas day!

You guys. This is such an amazing opportunity! If I could buy every single thing in Sharon’s shop, I totally would! And not only the clothes/bibs/moccasins, but there this Nativity set too. Love love love!

Many many thanks to Sharon for being so generous with her beautiful wares, and many many thanks to all of you for being such wonderful readers and making this little community such a blessing for me! ❤


48 thoughts on “A giveaway because I love you all!

  1. I met Sharon at Edel and she was so sweet. THEN I saw her at the vending table and I didn’t realize she was the one behind Baby My Love. Kind of a big deal! And her stuff is amazing!

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  2. Also a boy mom here, but I have two nieces (both with flower names) and this would fit the youngest one perfectly for Easter! I followed her on Instagram as well and would definitely choose the blue flowered skirt – gorgeous. Thanks for the chance – LOVE your blog, and her shop!

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  3. This would be a dress for my daughter (first girl after three boys so I’m basically obsessed with getting dresses). Not sure which skirt I would pick… I’ve been wanting something from this shop for a long time!

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  4. This dress would be perfect for my youngest who turns 1 in January! And I would get the blue flowered skirt if I was shopping for me but would pick the pink flowered one for my oldest, whose middle name is Rose and who loves all things pink and flowered!

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  5. Oh definitely that gorgeous blue skirt for me! And this sweet dress would be a gift for a possible niece and if not a friend 😊

    I’ve been following Sharon for a while now on IG and have purchased a few of her gorgeous things before!

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  6. I would have to say this would be great for a gift or for a daughter down the road in life, if we are blessed with one! And sorry I am not on instagram…

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  7. I have some of her leggings and a pilot cap and they are wonderful quality! This dress is too small for my girls, but would be great for my sweet niece. And I love both of the skirts!

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  8. Yes yes yes! I have a niece due in February, so she won’t be able to wear it for another year but it is beautiful! I love Sharon’s work, and have definitely been eyeing those skirts for myself. 😉

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  9. We try to only dress our sweet girl in hand-me-downs to save money, so this would be such a sweet new item for the spring. She’ll be 18 months in April!

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  10. I’d give the dress to my friend who just had her first baby, a little girl (Amelia Esperanza— I *drool* over her name!) over the summer. This dress will fit her perfectly when Easter/summer rolls around

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  11. Oooh, I would share this adorable dress with a good friend whose little girl will be 1 right around Easter! (I’d love it for my own daughter, but she’s on the verge of outgrowing 12-18 month size). I think I’d chose the blue and white skirt. So pretty for Easter!

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