Birth announcement: Reina Grace!

I’m still working through my backlog of birth announcements — several of which are from the end of my own pregnancy when I was burrowing into my nest. I’m so sorry not to have posted them sooner!

Just a couple weeks before my little guy was born, Sharon from Baby My Love had her sweet little girl! I shared about Sharon’s beautiful family before, and I had the great privilege of doing a consultation for her Little Miss, which I posted back in April, and I absolutely love the name she and her hubby settled on — the magnificent and Marian … Reina Grace!

Reina is the Spanish variant of Regina, meaning “queen,” and it’s been so fun to see Sharon’s Instagram posts playing on the “queen bee” theme! Never mind the fact that Reina herself is absolutely delicious!

Congratulations to Sharon and her hubby Zeb and big sibs (on earth) Gemma, Felicity, Nicodemus, Maximus, Quintus, Francis, and Evangeline, and happy birthday Baby Reina!! Check out both Sharon’s personal Instagram and business Instagram to see her sweet face!

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Baby name consultation: Baby My Love’s new baby!

Don’t miss my earlier post about the new prince’s name!

I’ve posted about Sharon’s beautiful family before, and her beautiful shop, Baby My Love (if we have a baby girl, I would totally want her to be outfitted in Baby My Love every single day), and I’m SO EXCITED to post this consultation for her sweet baby girl who’s due just a couple weeks before my little one!


Sharon and her husband Zeb have the most incredible taste in names — check out their older kiddos:

Gemma Agnes
Felicity Anne
Nicodemus Joseph
+ Miriam Rose
Maximus Michael Patrick
Quintus Edmund
Francis Fulton
Evangeline Marie

Including their unborn babies that are with Jesus:

+ Nic
+ Joy
+ Carmyn

What I love about Sharon and Zeb’s taste is that they just go for it! They just choose names that they love! They’ve done an amazing job!

For their sweet Little Miss, they’re feeling stuck! Sharon and I have talked about names a bit the last few months, and she posted on Instagram the other day listing all the names they’re considering and the ones they can’t use (A LOT of names can’t be used!):

On their current list:

Gabriella nn Bella (Gabriel is Zeb’s middle name)

Others they’ve considered/talked about/like:

Mercedes nn Mercy

And the names they can’t use (because of having SIXTY nieces and nephews!!):


As well as (as mentioned by Sharon in other comments):

Lourdes (Zeb prefers no place names)

Whew!! There were a lot of great suggestions on the Instagram post, and I read through them all and tried not to duplicate suggestions here.

One thing that really struck me about Sharon and Zeb’s taste is that they seem to really love very feminine names, so I definitely took that into account when I was compiling my list. Of course I used my trusty Baby Name Wizard as it lists, for each entry, boy and girl names with similar style/feel/popularity—I looked up only their girl names and ideas (Gemma, Felicity, Bernadette [it was almost Felicity’s name], Miriam, Gwendolyn [considered for Miriam], Joy, Evangeline, Eden [considered for Evangeline], Clare, Lydia, Pauline, Madeleine, Gabriella, Bella, Charlotte, Olivia, Cassandra, Mercedes, Mercy, Genevieve, Camille, and Hope), since their boys follow an ends-in-the-“us”-sound theme, which wouldn’t necessarily reflect their taste in girl names. And I stayed away from all forms of Mary and Rose, as they’d prefer to have those be associated with their Miriam Rose.

So based on all that, and trying not to duplicate any of the ideas offered in the comments on Instagram, these are my ideas:

(1) Annabelle, Annabella
Anastasia, Anne Marie, Julianna, Hannah, and Marianna are all on the list of names that can’t be used, but Annabelle was listed as a style match for Evangeline, Madeleine, and Olivia and they’re already considering Bella (as a nickname for Gabriella), so I thought it deserved a mention! Annabel is said to be, in origin, a variant of Amabel, which stems from the Latin for “beloved,” and of course it can be connected to our girl St. Anne. Belle/Bella means “beautiful” in French/Italian, so Annabelle and Annabella can be all kinds of meaningful, and so feminine!

(2) Juliette
The Julia names actually did quite well for this family in my research—Juliet is a match for Felicity, Madeleine, Camille, and Hope; Julia for Lydia; and Juliana for Gabriella. But Julia and Julianna are on their can’t-use list, and I thought the French Juliette was more their style anyway, as the extra “te” adds such a feminine frill. Jenny from Mama Needs Coffee considered Juliette in honor of Servant of God Julia Greeley, and there are loads of other holy Julias and a Ven. Juliette who can serve as patron.

(3) Dahlia
Sharon mentioned to me a while ago that her older girls would love for this baby to have a D name, to go along with the alpha-sister set Evangeline, Felicity, and Gemma, but Dorothy, Deborah, Diane, and Damaris either couldn’t be used or didn’t feel quite right. I thought of that immediately when I saw Dahlia listed as a style match for both Gemma and Felicity! Wow! It’s a flower name, and according to this, dahlias signify “elegance and dignity,” which is so lovely. I’ve seen DAH-lia, DAL-ia, and DAY-lia given as pronunciations (apparently the latter is that used in the UK), all of which have their merits, but I’m loving the first pronunciation because I think Dolly is the cutest nickname! How perfect for a baby sister!

(4) Helena
An H name would work in the alpha set as well, and I chuckled when I saw Sharon start her IG post with “Oh Nelly!” since Nell(y) can be a nickname for Helen(a)! Nella can also be used, which of course calls to mind the Bella they’re already considering.

(5) Calla (given or nickname)
Speaking of flower names, and inspired as much by Bella and Dahlia (and Nella) as by the fact that it’s a style match for Mercy, Calla is one of the loveliest flower names. It’s the name of the Calla lily, and it’s also related to the Greek word for “beauty.” I do love it on its own as a given name, but I’ve also seen it as a nickname for Caroline—Sharon and Zeb already have Charlotte on their list, which is a feminine variant of Charles as is Caroline (which is on their can’t-use list), so maybe they’d like to consider Calla as a nickname for Charlotte?

(6) Verity
My last idea is Verity, which means “truth.” It’s a virtue-esque name like Felicity, Joy, Mercy, and Hope, but I think it’s more unexpected. I love the character of Verity on Poldark, and I love how full of faith significance it is.

I also originally considered suggesting Avila, Junia, and Juniper, but place names are out (so no Avila), and I wasn’t sure enough about the biblical Junia (I thought Juliette was a closer fit) or the plant-y Juniper (Dahlia and Calla seemed better). But I wanted to put them here just in case.

And those are all my ideas! What do you all think? What name(s) would you suggest for Sharon and Zeb’s little lady?

My book, Catholic Baby Names for Girls and Boys: Over 250 Ways to Honor Our Lady, is now available to order from, and should be available on Amazon soon!

Congratulations to the winner of the giveaway!!

We have a winner!! I had Rafflecopter randomly pick a winner of the giveaway, and I’m delighted to announce that Eliese has won the sweet little dress! It’s for her little girl who’s their first girl after three boys — aw! ❤

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A giveaway because I love you all!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you likely already know that I had the great blessing of attending the Syracuse Catholic Women’s Conference on Saturday, October 28. It was my third year going, and I hope I can go every year for the rest of my life — I love it! It’s always a wonderful day with amazing speakers, unending coffee, loads of bathrooms (it’s held in a convention center, so it already has a lot of bathrooms, PLUS they make all the men’s bathrooms women’s bathrooms for the day! No waiting!), an amazing lunch that’s light enough that I don’t feel like I want to die after (as is often the case, thanks to a once strong-as-steel belly that has turned oh-so-sensitive in recent years) but is always delicious and elegant and leaves me satisfied and includes dessert (!), and the vendors! There are so many vendors of so many amazing things! Books, rosaries, holy cards, statues, pictures — and one very special shop that I’m thrilled to tell you all about today!


Do you all remember the profile I did of Sharon last year? (If not, go check it out! Her kids’ names are ah-MAZ-ing!!) I’d been a follower of her on Instagram for a while, and when I saw her at the Conference last year I shyly introduced myself, and discovered she’s just as lovely in person as she seemed on IG, and I looked forward to seeing her there again this year, which was so fun! I posted this picture of us, and she posted this one — I love them both!

And ohhhh you guys, she makes the most gorgeous things!! I often drool over them on IG (this outfit has caught my interest recently, and this one too — as I told her, I love my boys, and I love having all boys, but little girl outfits are just so darling!), and seeing them in real life was even more amazing. I was standing by her table holding some of her things in my hands, and an older lady walked by and asked me what Sharon sells, so I showed her what I was holding and said, “And it’s all made by hand!” and she scrutinized it in that way that old ladies do and declared, “And it doesn’t even look handmade!” Haha! But it’s so true!

I really wanted to share her talent with all of you! So I’m thrilled to tell you that I have a gorgeous dress from her shop that I’m giving away to one of you very lucky ladies! (Or gents, as the case may be!) (Am I million years old for saying “gents”??) It’s got ROSES on it! And it’s pink! And it’s shorter in the front than in the back — I LOVE that feature!


This is 12-18 month size, and I can see it being perfect for Easter (with a little white sweater maybe? And with or without one of the darling bonnets that Sharon also sells in her shop? 😉 ) and certainly for the summer! Leggings would be perfect under it (which Sharon also makes! I die over these Star Wars ones) or tights … am I getting a little carried away picturing how I would dress a little girl in this dress??

The giveaway is open now, and will run until midnight Friday night, and I’ll announce the winner on Saturday — the day of Our Lady! To enter, just click here … but wait! There’s more! If the winner is also a follower of Baby My Love on Instagram, Sharon will add in one of these gorgeous skirts of your choice (here or here)! So be sure to go follow her!!

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You guys. This is such an amazing opportunity! If I could buy every single thing in Sharon’s shop, I totally would! And not only the clothes/bibs/moccasins, but there this Nativity set too. Love love love!

Many many thanks to Sharon for being so generous with her beautiful wares, and many many thanks to all of you for being such wonderful readers and making this little community such a blessing for me! ❤