A reader needs help rebuilding after Harvey!

Our regular Monday consultation will post tomorrow — thank you to that family who was happy to make room for this post today!

I haven’t known what to post about the hurricane, even though everyone who is suffering the effects of it have been on my mind and in our family prayers constantly. But this morning, one of longtime readers (one of my very first!), who is the mama of the beautifully named baby girl whose birth announcement I posted here as well as older children Jude Benedict Ambrose and Felicity Catherine Finbar (sometimes called Fin 😍) — messaged me with the following request:

Our home flooded during Hurricane Harvey. We don’t have flood insurance and we’re staring down major, major repairs; we basically had to gut everything in our house countertop height and below. I know you’ve built such a great community at Sancta Nomina and I’ve loved being a small part of it. I wanted to see if you’d be willing to reach out to your readers and ask if they would pray for us and also consider donating. My sister set up a gofundme [here].”

I’m so glad to know of a specific family and a specific way to help! If you click on the link, you’ll see photos of their house and the damage that’s been done (as well as a photo of the family, they are so sweet).

I know that even if you can’t afford to help monetarily, you all are good pray-ers, so please keep this family in your prayers! And if you can donate, please do — every little bit helps. Thank you all!! ❤💕❤💕


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