Birth announcement: Cecilia Claire!

I posted a consultation for boy names for Mandi from A Blog About Miscarriage back in March, and I’m so very delighted to let you all know that her little GIRL has arrived and been given the beautiful name … Cecilia Claire!

You might remember that I did a consultation for girl middle names when she was pregnant with her son — if they’d had a girl, they were planning on naming her Cecilia, and were stumped on middle names — Claire was one of my ideas! I’m so excited that Claire ended up being the right middle name for their little lady!

Be sure to go check out the birth announcement Mandi posted on her blog, which includes more information about the baby’s name, as well as sweet pictures!

Congratulations to Mandi and David and big sibs Lucia and Davey, and happy birthday Baby Cecilia!!



15 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Cecilia Claire!

  1. I’ve never commented before, but I had to because 4/6 of my kids are David, Lucia, Chiara(whom we call Claire) and Caecilia! I guess we have similar styles (and husbands names)! Congratulations and beautiful name choice!

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    • And I just clicked back to your previous consultation and saw that her other daughter’s name is Lucia Rose. Our Caecilia is Caecilia Rose! Funny coincidence.

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    • I’d love to hear our other kids names (maybe inspiration for the future?). It does sound like we have similar style, though some is coincidence since David, Rose, and Cecilia were all chosen because they are family names.

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      • We have David Joseph(he’s the 4th, but that’s not part of his name), Lucia Elizabeth (we pronounce it Lu-sha, like the island. And we call her Lucy), MaryAnn Magdalene, Chiara Marguerite Marie(nn Claire), Leo Andreas(he was going to be Gilbert, but was born on the feast of Saint Leo so we went with that instead. It hadn’t even been on the radar before he was born!) and Caecilia Rose. My husband has a thing about using the original Saint’s spelling, where applicable, hence the Latin/French/Italian flare to some of their names. And some of those names are family names as well.

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