Many many thanks, and an update

You guys! I’m totally blown away by all your amazing comments and suggestions and enthusiasm, but most of all for popping over here to begin with! What fun this has been for me over the last day and a half, I’m totally thrilled that we’ve all been able to pitch in and help Simcha. I canNOT wait to see what name she and Damien end up choosing!

Which brings me to a new bit of info, which I didn’t have when I wrote the post (but I guess I should have — apparently some of her readers already knew it): Baby Fisher is a girl! So my Isaac/Solomon/Asa suggestions and all of your great ideas for a boy will have to be shelved for now.

I’m still pulling for Stella, or Esther/Miriam, or Hannah, in that order, and you’ve all contributed a lot more ideas as well, so now we just … wait. I’ll post the birth announcement here as soon as Simcha does.  🙂

In the meantime, I hope you stick around! I’d love to hear from you, either in the comments or via email, with name stories or name dilemmas or suggestions for posts. Happy weekend!

6 thoughts on “Many many thanks, and an update

  1. We named our daughter “Elodie” after the 9th century martyrs Alodia and Nunnilo. They were beheaded by their Muslim Stepfather for refusing to renounce their Christian faith. My husband and I love this name (it’s the French version of Alodia). It’s beautiful and uncommon, and I think fits with the names of the other girls in your friend’s family!


  2. Being an older Mom and Grandmom, I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed reading the thoughts of all you younger Moms! It is so wonderful and hope-giving to see so much thought about names for our little ones that are sensitive to reverence for our Catholicism and show so much care to giving honor to God and His saints. I have learned much from you all…thank you. Of course, special thanks go to Simcha and Damien for allowing us to peek into their precious Family. And, YOU, you cradle Catholic mama whose confirmation is Jacinta…ar feabheas!!! [(sounds like air yowss = great job!…excellent! (in the Irish!)]


  3. I have a post suggestion. 🙂 Reading about the canonization of Bl. Junipero Serra today my mind immediately jumped to baby names. (How cool is it that Juniper is going to be a bonafide saint’s name?!) I would love to see an ongoing series of spotlight pieces on saints with interesting names.


  4. Bahaha. Great minds indeed! I’ll have to peruse next nap time. 🙂 A post on Juniper would be awesome. I love a good surprising saint name!


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