Continuing gratitude

I just want to thank you all again — I have been so loving the emails I’ve been receiving asking for suggestions for baby names, the comments you’ve been leaving here that add so much to whatever I’ve come up with on my own, and just having people to discuss the beautiful names of our faith with. What a fun community to have tapped into! Please keep it coming — you’re all an inspiration to me!

2 thoughts on “Continuing gratitude

  1. Your entries and comments to them are inspirations in themselves. Though these beautiful names are the focus, it is so uplifting to bask in the glow of our Faith that brings all this to the surface. God must love this blog, and, I am sure the Saints are loving the care and affection being shown toward them. They are all around us cheering for us and trying their best to help us, by the Grace of God! Thank you so much for all these efforts!


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