Alumni directory sib sets

Being the name nut I am, I love poring through anything that might have lists of real-life sibling sets, like alumni magazines or, as in the case tonight, high school alumni directories. Three hundred pages of tiny-typed info about every alumnus/a who has responded, including their children’s names. Some fun sets I read tonight (alternate characters used to protect privacy):

Er!ca, Grant, Gr3tchen, and Gabr!el (I wonder if Er!ca feels left out?)

Jam3s, Jan3, and J0hn (really? Beautiful names all, but that’s really a bit much in one family. Not only all J’s, which I don’t mind so much, but all the matching sounds and length!)

Ann, Lucy, and Charl!e (lovely)

K3ndra, Bryn, and Marl0we (I kinda like it)

G!anna and D0minic (they could totally fit in here on the blog)

Tell me I’m not the only one who does this? Have you come across any fun sib sets in any alumni publications?


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