Reading round-up

Some fun namey articles from around the webz:

First off, despite allllll the suggestions, Simcha and her husband have still not decided on a name for their baby girl! Lots of good ideas to read on all the places: her blog, the baby shower post, and right here on Sancta Nomina (the comments are where it’s at; I’m still getting suggestions in the comments on my post, so great!). You’ll see that I added two new suggestions: Pearl Emmanuelle and Martha Frances.

Did you know actress Julianne Moore’s name isn’t really Julianne Moore? I enjoyed reading about why and how she chose a new professional name: Julianne Moore’s real name isn’t Julianne Moore (I was pleasantly surprised by the reason behind her choice.)

And these three unvouched-for tidbits (I haven’t read them yet, but I’ve seen them referred to a couple places):

The Secrets of Street Names and Home Values

Parents banned from naming their kid ‘Nutella’ and the related French parents attempt to name their baby Nutella. Judge rules “Non.”

Happy reading!


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