Reading round-up

I posted these all to our old FB page, the one that will be taken down today (remember to like the new page!!):

I *liked* Nameberry on FB and some of the posts that have been showing up in my feed have been fun. Did you know they list the babies born to their readers each month? I love names in theoretical conversations — names we like, names that sound good together, names that have great meaning — but names actually given to babies in real life are my very very favorite: Babyberry arrivals of January: Althea Lake and Amos Beau

Then there’s this craziness — a company that will come up with a totally unique name for your baby for the small price of …. $31,000: Your child will be the first one with this newly-developed first name. And probably not the last one.

For anyone interested in names that are actually used in Ireland: Is your name going out of fashion?

Have you read any good name-y articles?


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