Quick-witted ten-year-old

I’ve had two recent posts about my oldest, and here’s yet another, because it made me laugh and it has to do with names:

That same night that he said Zachary was a “weird” name, I was working on a spreadsheet of ideas for a mom who recently emailed me hoping for suggestions for her baby-on-the-way. My son actually expressed some interest, so I was telling him her other kids’ names, and what kind of names she was looking for. He grabbed my Baby Name Wizard book and started looking through it, looking up names, and offering suggestions. I was impressed! Several were ones I’d already written down as possible suggestions.

That seemed to annoy him a little though, that he wasn’t coming up with anything I hadn’t already thought of. “Oh,” I teased him, “You have to get up pretty early in the morning to beat me at baby names!”

“Don’t worry Mom,” he said. “That’s not my dream.”


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