6 thoughts on “Beautiful list of symbols associated with Mary

  1. Oh, I just love this!! I love that the iris is a symbol of Mary as Iris was meant to be our last baby’s name had it been a girl. Unfortunately, we just realized last week that the initial “I” can’t work with our last name—I can’t believe I failed to notice it before (our last name has proved a great thorn in my side with naming over the years), and I’m so disappointed! 😭


      • It’s really disappointing sometimes! I was saving Iris for our next girl should there be one. and you know my Josephine drama. So back to the drawing board. There’s always Edith, Alice, Rosalind, and Winifred. 😉


      • That disappointment is always so … disappointing, no other way to say it. I do find some solace in having a good excuse to start afresh though — once we’ve decided on a name, it’s always great and satisfying, but the thrill of the chase is so thrilling! I like Edith, Alice, Rosalind, and Winifred all. 🙂


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