I can’t even tell you the exciting things that have happened in the last two weeks.

First, I responded to a tweet by Abby from Appellation Mountain asking for ideas for a little girl named after Grandpa Charles but not Charlotte and I suggested Charis and Abby replied to my tweet and said she loved the idea.


I was so excited that I retweeted her reply to my tweet (or however you’d say all that) and then a little while later I checked my email and … Abby from Appellation Mountain emailed to let me know she liked my blog.


I was a little (a lot) hyperventilatey over just those things and THEN Abby asked me if I’d like her to introduce me to Linda at Nameberry with the idea of maybe writing an article over there.


So I said Yes please! and she made the email introductions and Linda said she was interested in some of my ideas, so I fleshed out one of the ideas (which was actually Abby’s idea, yet another thing to be grateful to her for!) and …


It’s up on Nameberry’s Berry Juice section today!!!


Go check it out! How to Name a Large Family by Kate at Sancta Nomina (that’s me!) 🙂 🙂 🙂

my_nameberry_article_homepage-03.23.15 - Copy

Updated to add the screen grab from Nameberry’s homepage — I like how they introduced the article. 🙂


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