Baby name consultant: Nicknames for Carmela

A reader, whose baby girl is named Carmela, wrote asking for help coming up with good nickname options. She didn’t care for Ella or Carmen, and was stumped as to what other options there could be. I thought I could come up with some good possibilities, and this is what I ended up with:

My first thought was Carmie. I actually know one, and her given name is Carmela.

Another thought is Cara (said like “car” … or I guess you could change the pronunciation to “care” for the nickname if you wanted), which is nice because I believe it’s Italian for “dear/beloved.”

Or Caro (a traditional nickname for Caroline).

Or maybe Melly a la Melly (Melanie) Wilkes in Gone With the Wind, or just Mela (like Ella but not).






The middle initial could also help — if Carmela’s middle initial is S, maybe Cassie? If a T, maybe Cat? If a D, maybe Caddy?

What do you all think? Do you know anyone named Carmela, and if so does she go by a nickname? Do you have any other ideas besides the ones I listed here?


25 thoughts on “Baby name consultant: Nicknames for Carmela

  1. My name is Carmela, and it’s Italian, many people call me mela, Mel, melly. My mother even calls me bubbi. Carmie has never been a favorite however

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  2. I am called Carmela… sister calls me Melly or Mel sometimes, I quite like that…..but I really don’t like Cam or Cami! My mum nicknamed me ‘Conchie’ when I was tiny!

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  3. I always dreamed of naming my kid Carmela because it’s the name of my great great grandmother. I think it is such a beautiful name! I think some cute nicknames would be Millie or Mel.

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