Reading round-up

I wrote recently about “names that seem to be either/or names — meaning, if you use one for one child, it seems the other is really not usable for another” — like Theodore and Thaddeus, Evangeline and Genevieve. Bree at The Beauty of Names did a much better job with this I think: This or That? (Girls). I commented over there with my favorites of her pairings — I’d love to read yours!

The first set of girl quintuplets born in America happened this week. While the parents’ taste in names is different from mine, I did appreciate that their older daughter and two of the quints share one style (androgynous surnames) and the other three share another (traditionally feminine) — a nice way to tie all the sisters together: Texas Hospital Welcomes First All-Girl Quintuplets Ever Born In U.S.

A reader/friend sent me this, which was so fun: 20 Great Roaring 20s Baby Names Making a Comeback. I’d tell you my favorites from the list if I could, but I can’t, because they’re all amazing. (So fun too to see two of my suggestions for Grace Patton on there — Lola and Violet — as well as Theodore, which she’s already used!)

Finally, as I noted on FB, this just can’t bode well to me for this couple: Man starts online petition in battle over baby name with wife. I haven’t checked out the petition and I’m sure someone’s already thought of this but my suggestion would be Michael Spyridon (first name middle name) or a Greek form of Michael for a first name (according to Behind the Name: Michail, Michalis, Mihail, Mihalis). (Very like the Russian Mikhail, no? Why all the squabbling??) (Also — Kseniya! I mentioned it in the spelling Xenia in my Xavier post!)

Happy Friday all!


4 thoughts on “Reading round-up

  1. Ah, the Roaring 20’s post… apparently that’s my style! I advocated hard for a Rose (first name) with our daughter (not my Dh’s style, of course!). I love, love, love Clara and Lillian too, but neither fit well with our family or last name (Clara rhymes with my name and Lillian is too “l-heavy” with our last name).

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  2. That name petition couple’s marriage is gonna be in trouble. I hate to say that since I don’t know them, but the comments they were making about each other were just ghastly.

    The Roaring 20’s names were soooo awesome!


    • Thanks for the 20s link!!

      I know right? The nasty comments? I do get that maybe that’s their schtick, as a couple … I know some couples who are constantly fighting and rather than break them down it seems to — hm, not *build them up* but something about reinforcing their closeness or something. I personally would wither and die in that kind of marriage.


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