A little something new

(I feel like I need to whisper this: I added a “Donate” button to my sidebar.)


I’m feeling very self conscious about it, and I’m eager to hear what you all think!

As you’ll read in my new “About the “Donate” button” tab up top, I’ve been hearing from some different people who are close to me that maybe I should consider accepting money for my baby name consultations. On the one hand — is that even right? When we all love to talk about our favorite saints and virtues and how much we love Jesus and Mother Mary? And we want to impart that holiness and love to our children even in the names we give them? So this all feels as much like a ministry as it does a hobby or even a (non-paying) job? On the other hand — I am spending a lot of time on consultations. I love it! I do! But … well, read my tab, and let me know your thoughts! I think it’s a good compromise?

I am wondering if I should add some text above the button … a pithy thing explaining what it’s for … if you have thoughts on that too, that would be great.

Happy Saturday night everyone!


15 thoughts on “A little something new

  1. You should absolutely feel no qualms about asking for donations! I’ve been amazed at how updated you’ve been keeping the blog and at how many consultations you’ve fielded. The venerable Swistle (I just realized it’s kind of funny to describe her that way on a Catholic name blog, heheh [just venerable to name nerds]) charges $50 per name consultation. Of course not everyone can pay that, but you really are providing a valuable service–you shouldn’t lose sight of that just because it’s fun for you! 🙂 I’d make sure to include a link to your donate button when you’re corresponding with consultation clients, and maybe even consider stating what the full cost of your time is, for those who want to reimburse you fully. Sorry if I’m adopting a stern tone–before I had my daughter I worked for an arts nonprofit, so the necessity of money for creative work is something I feel very strongly about. 😉 hooray for donate buttons!


      • 🙂 I think Swistle technically charges for a guaranteed or private consultation–if you don’t want to pay you can send her your email and see if she takes your case anyway, but if you want her services for sure there’s the $50 fee. Which boils down to the equivalent of a donate button, probably!

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  2. I think it’s totally fine—I’ve been surprised you haven’t been charging for the personalized consultations, but I get the ministry aspect, so I think the donate thing strikes a good balance.


  3. Why, this is wonderful! Given that nature and grace work together, this is a such a great way to support you in your blessed work! You have been freely and enthusiastically giving your Faith and generosity to all of us who have received so much from your efforts. You have set up a spiritual “kitchen table” where so many of us have been welcomed and treated to a cup of naming tea in the Name of God…how fabulous!
    You have Faith-filled ideas and passion that you have shared and at the same time allowed us to have a voice as well…with no one interrupting! You have listened, responded, offered, and given. Sounds to me like you are committed to this… what I would call a ministry…if this is a way we can help you keep it going, again I say, how wonderful!
    You have provided Faith-sharing, Catholic history, and even theology…just to name a few aspects of your work. You have set an amazing example of Faith in God as the root and foundation of your efforts and service in one of the most important decisions that can be made in life…the Naming of a new Human Being.
    As a Mom and a Gram, you have provided a way for me to enjoy the enthusiasm of young motherhood…relive my own precious memories…and to actually share in conversation in a Faith-filled atmosphere (cybersphere!). I have learned much and am so admiring of you and your commenters with all your devotion through your Faith in God. We were never meant to live without Faith, Hope, and Trust in God.
    Through this blessed service you have provided support, encouragement, companionship …even honest friendship! Unless we are independently wealthy (a phrase my Mr. loves to use!), we could all use help with our budgets. This is really a way for us all to show appreciation to you, for all we have benefitted from, thanks to your use of this Gift that God has given you. I personally, just can’t thank you enough.
    Sacred Heart of Jesus, please bless you and all your efforts…my love and prayers to you!

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  4. I love it!! I too come from a creative field (writer and editor), and your time absolutely should be compensated. 🙂 As moms, our free time is very limited and valuable and your willingness to offer your natural gift for naming is a service to others. I like the donate idea because I agree that it strikes the right balance and feel.

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      • I used to work for an online Christian publication managing their “Family channels” (so publishing articles on marriage, parenting, finances, etc). I also wrote faith-based articles on a variety of topics as well as contributed to a weekly devotional (where I often featured Saints’ lives). I was known as being the Catholic one on staff (we had Christians from several different backgrounds managing the publication). I’ve also done a few side projects, mostly all faith-based content.


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