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There were a couple of fun topics posted on the Baby Name Wizard blog recently that I thought you’d all be interested in:

Cool Victorian Nicknames Beyond Mollie and Sadie — there are some really cute ones on this list. One of my favorite ideas mentioned is Effie as a nick for Josephine or Stephanie.

Acronames: The Sneaky-Clever Baby Name Alternative — “Acronames”! It refers to nicknames or given names made from, as in the former, the first letters of a person’s full name (eg., John Ellis Bush=Jeb) or, as in the latter, the first initials of several people (eg., a little boy named Jase after his grandparents Jerome, Anita, Stewart, and Eileen). I personally love this kind of thinking. One of the commenters said she knows a little one named Isabelle Verity and goes by the nickname Ivy (from her initials I.V.!) — I love that!! That is some brilliant naming right there.

Countdown to the New Royal Baby Name: Hitting the Bullseye — I have immense respect for Laura (The Baby Name Wizard)’s opinion about names, but I like my ideas better than hers.

5 thoughts on “BNW blog

  1. I had seen those post but not the comment about using I.V. initials to create the Ivy nickname. I love that. E. V. could work for Evie too! And since I’m always on the hunt for Marian names, my 11 year old immediately exclaimed — you could use Virginia for the V.

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    • Yes, E.V.! Good for your 11yo, haha! My 10yo’s getting a little like that — he’s now all of a sudden aware that I *like* names, that I have a blog, etc., so he’s made a point to tell me some name-related thing he read/heard/thought of. Cute!


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