Feminized masculine names, take 2

Okay, I asked my husband about this — turns out he doesn’t like these kinds of names either! I had no idea, since one of his very favorite names is Charlotte. “That’s different,” he said, because it doesn’t *look* like the boy name. Like Josephine looks too much like Joseph. (I don’t know, CHARLes and CHARLotte … that’s a pretty big similarity there, in appearance much more than sound.)

I went through the list of names I’d included in my last post — he said Jane is fine, for example, because it’s so removed from John. Kristin is not his favorite, but not because it originated in a male name (again, because it doesn’t *look* like a boy name). What about Francesca? Francis with a -ca on the end? He also declared that “fine” because “it’s foreign.” Ah.

I suspect those husbands who feel similarly have a similarly shaky argument.

5 thoughts on “Feminized masculine names, take 2

  1. Hilarious! I used to feel this way, particularly about names that are more obvious like Josephine, but as I mentioned before, all it took was an adorable nickname like Josie and I was hook, line, and sinker’ed.

    Also, I just had to share because I thought you’d love it: Last night I met a sweet nurse whose name is also Theresa and she goes by… Teddy! Which I kind of fell in love with! It’s so SO much better than “Terri/y” for Theresa. It’s somewhat related to this post since it’s kind of the opposite: very feminine name with a masculine nickname. But it doesn’t feel masculine on her. It feels adorable and perfect.


    • That is really really cute! Teddy for Theresa!! My dad’s a HUGE fan of boyish nicks for feminine names (in the interest of family privacy, I may or may not have a sister named Stephanie nicked Stevie) 😉

      Anyway, Mo for Maureen is one of his absolute faves, and Sam for Samantha … he’ll love hearing about Teddy for Theresa!!

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  2. I have a sister nicknamed “Mo”. 🙂 I’ll refrain from sharing her full name, but it’s not Maureen. She dropped it after high school, and now goes by “Auntie M” (said like the Wizard of Oz’s “Auntie Em”).


  3. I am the one who has a complex, and a shaky one at that, with feminized masculine names in our marriage! haha 🙂 It definitely depends on look/feel/sound of it to sway me one way or the other.

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