Initials as names

Similar to the “Acronames” post of the other day, I was thinking today about nicknames I like that could conceivably be from initials … specifically I was thinking about Edie, and how much I like Edie, and how it would be really interesting to have Edie be a nickname for Elizabeth Dolores, for example. E.D.=Edie.

One of the commenters on the BNW Acronames post said she knows a little girl named Isabelle Verity who goes by Ivy (from her initials: I.V.). So clever!

I’m particularly interested in initials that sound like a recognized name, and then the nickname is actually spelled like that name, instead of using the initials. Like Edie instead of E.D., Ivy instead of I.V. I tried to think of some others and came up with:

M.E. — Emmy

L.E. — Ellie

S.E. — Essie

F.E. — Effie

J.C. — Jacey

K.C. — Casey

O.D. — Odie

L.C. — Elsie

A.D. — Adie

B.B. — Bebe

D.D. — Didi

C.C. — Cece

G.G. — Gigi

A.V. — Avie

E.V. — Evie

V.V. — Vivi

V.N. — Vienne

D.M. — Diem

D.O. — Deo

G.O. — Geo

T.O. — Teo

V.O. — Vio

I.C. — Icy (haha just kidding!) (unless you love it)

And Amy from the Baby Enloe consultation says she loves that her initials spell her name: A.M.E.

I’d love to see what others you all could come up with! It could be a really fun naming exercise to start with a nickname like this, like Ellie for example, and back into what L.E. combos could work. It just seems to open up a whole lot more options! You could feel free to go a little more nuts with the given names, knowing that an easier nickname is available, or it could make you feel easier about an unfavorite family name you feel bound to use.

Can you think of other examples like this? How about full names for the initials? Do you know anyone who has a name/initials/nickname like this?

12 thoughts on “Initials as names

  1. Our land lord is a third generation Christopher A.S. and goes by Cas (sounds like ‘caz’) to ease the confusion amongst family. This is a concept that has always fascinated me. We aren’t huge fans of nicknames. Well, my husband is less than I am. He says that if you are going to name a child one thing knowing full well you will call them by a nickname, why not just name them the nickname?? I recognize his point totally, but I don’t mind when their are sibling nicks. For instance, our first son calls our second son Phill. It has carried over a bit into the greater fam, but it is pretty exclusive between the brothers 🙂

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  2. We know a little Ann Victoria, named for her two grandmothers, who goes by Avee. (I personally would spell this name “Avie”.)

    Did you get Abie on there? It seems cute to me.

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  3. Our oldest is Josephine Olivia and our last name starts with a C. So her initials are JOC. And we call her “Josie”. The Josie/JO-C was completely unintentional, but once I discovered it, was so happy. I love little plays on words.

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  4. I once considered a Marian Estelle called Emmie! Since I really like nicknames and Marian doesn’t really suggest one to me naturally, I really liked this way of getting to something ‘cute’.

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  5. […] (1) Isabel or Isabelle I know they already used Elizabeth for Sophia’s middle name, and Isabel(le) is a variant of Elizabeth, but its sound and appearance is so different — and it would be in the first name spot instead of the middle — that I thought Dianne and her husband might be willing to consider it. It’s very similar in style to the other names they like, and going with Isabel or Isabelle rather than Isabella gets away from the ends-in-a names. As for the initials spelling something, I’m reminded of the little girl named Isabelle Verity who goes by Ivy because of her initials I.V., so sweet! That doesn’t work with sister Ava, though … or what about something like Isabelle Helen or Isabel Hope for initials IHM=Immaculate Heart of Mary? (Other good initials-as-nicknames ideas here.) […]


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