Little Miss Stark!

When I posted the consultation for Angela and Tim Stark back in February, Angela was really hoping to convince her husband of the name Augustina Christi for their baby-girl-on-the-way, or at least find a way to compromise as they searched for the right name. She wrote, “He shoots down anything different or unique and I shoot down anything that sounds too common.

The baby has been born! And she has a beautiful name!!! Little Miss Stark was named:

Rosemary Anne

How lovely! Angela writes,

Thank you so much for your assistance with the name, you were the one that got the wheels turning for us. The funny this is is that my husband ended up agreeing to Augustina Christi and I immediately shot down his recommendation of Rosemary. But for some reason my heart kept going back to Rosemary. It just seemed to suit her sweet personality. Rose is also my patron saint, Mary is just awesome, and saint Anne is just as wonderful. It just all seemed to fit for us. Plus we’ve decked out her whole wardrobe and nursery in roses! Thanks again for the awesome recommendations!”

What a great story! As I told Angela, stories like this always make me think of God whispering in the parents’ ear about the name the baby’s meant to have. Congratulations to the whole Stark Family!!!


Rosemary Anne


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