Birth announcement: Clare Meryt!

A mama who’d emailed me a month or so ago with a very near due date just let me know that her baby has been born! She writes,

Just wanted to update you that baby has finally arrived! Her name is Clare Meryt. We chose the name Clare from St. Clare of Assisi — I think i mentioned in my original email choosing this name due to our devotion to St. Francis of Assisi. Her middle name, Meryt, is an Egyptian derivation of Mary (meaning cherished and beloved). She is the 4th generation to have a form of Mary in her name. We heard this name in a movie and did lots of research to make sure it is a variation of Mary. In all of our research we found it to be the origination of the name Mary. We particularly liked that it was something unique… And it wouldn’t sound like a magazine title 🙂 Thanks again for all your help and suggestions!! I really do appreciate it!

Isn’t that a beautiful name?? It’s not often people can surprise me with a Marian name I’d never heard of, but such was the case with Meryt. I’m totally loving it!! Congratulations to Baby Clare and her family!!


4 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Clare Meryt!

  1. I love Clare!! One of my favorite names 🙂 Claire is the name of my godmother and I would love to use it as a middle one day to honor her and the lovely St. Clare 🙂

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  2. Have you done any posts yet on the name Clare? I told someone that if you see that name without the “i” then the family is probably Catholic. But I have no basis for that, other than my own observations. Why did we ditch the i?

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    • Cat, I don’t know know if you’re still reading the blog, but I just came across your comment and realized I never answered you! So sorry! So what I’ve discovered is that they’re all variants of the same name, broken down by language: Clara is Latin, Clare is English, Claire is French, and Chiara is Italian. I do think St. Clare of Assisi is usually rendered that way (Clare) for English speakers, which might be why that spelling seems very Catholic, but they’re all legit versions of the same name. Clare also has the Co. Clare, Ireland association, which I think a lot of people like — saintly and Irish-y in one name. I discussed the Clare names a bit more here: I hope that helps!


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