4 thoughts on “Fun name generator

  1. We have some less-common names (for their year) in our house—with Grace being about 400th in 1978, the names I was getting were crazy!! Fiona’s name was nearly 300th in 2009 and she had Lawanda for the 80’s! Elisabeth too was around 350 and the names through history were pretty wild—not names you’d normally encounter. My boys on the other hand have generally more popular names (top 30), so they were getting more recognizable historical names. My son James would’ve been a Sean or Shawn for 3 decades in a row, Lol.

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  2. Fun! I would be a Kamila, if named today. Not bad!

    I noticed some inconsistencies since my name was on its way up (from #376 then to #2 now), but some of the names I got were clearly on their way down (Debbie in the 90s, LOL). But still neat!

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  3. how fun! thanks for the link up!

    my name would be Morgan today lol. And, all my kids names, except #1, are way out there on the lists for the years they were all born. Makes me extra proud! 😀

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