Birth announcement: Claira Jane!

I was so delighted to hear from a mama I’d done a consultation for a couple weeks ago — her baby girl is here! She writes,

Hi Kate! Our DAUGHTER was born about 2 weeks ago – Claira Jane! She was unnamed for a few hours – couldn’t decide between Claira and Abigail – but it all worked out! Thanks again for helping us to focus in on names for this sweet baby girl!

Isn’t Claira Jane just the sweetest?!! Nice job Mom and Dad! Congratulations to the whole family, and welcome to the world Baby Claira!!


Claira Jane


2 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Claira Jane!

  1. […] Okay, so I made a case for Genevieve needing a long-named sister, and now I’m suggesting Chiara or Claire/Clare/Clara. These names are just too good to pass by! Chiara especially, as it’s Italian, and what St. Clare of Assisi’s actual name was, and Bl. Chiara Badano Luce is ah-MAAAZing, a great great patron for today’s little girls. And even though it looks short, it’s actually three syllables like Genevieve, so … looks can be deceiving and all. I think it’s a great possibility. But if they like the idea of a Clare name but not Chiara, I also love Claire, Clare, and Clara (or Claira, as was used by one of our reader mamas recently). […]


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