Bonus consultation post

You all know I only post name consultations on Mondays (so I don’t get overwhelmed!), and I’ve currently got all the Mondays booked into mid-September. But I’ve had loads of mamas (and one papa!) email me asking me for ideas/suggestions, and it’s been so fun to do, but I am always sorry that some of the people who would have liked a public post for reader feedback can’t have one because they’re due too soon and/or all the Mondays are already taken.

One reader has figured out a workaround, which is so great! Marci at The Wallace House blog is expecting her third (and first girl!) at the very beginning of July, and she posted excerpts of my consultation for her on her blog so her friends and family can offer feedback, and so can all of you if you’d like to!

She and her hubs added a couple more names to their “maybe” list between when she emailed me and when I got back to her, so with those in mind, I’ll offer a few more suggestions: Lucy, Linley (like a combo of her listmakers Linden and Kylie), and Chloe; and because she says she likes French names: Elise, Sophie, Juliette (or Juliet), and Corinne.

I’d be happy to link to any of your blogs if you receive a consultation from me and want to post it!


5 thoughts on “Bonus consultation post

  1. Oh Linley is so cute! I love the combination of Linden and Kylie! Thanks again for the consultation – I’ve had SO many friends tell me how talented you are! A few of them who are expecting baby girls even said they grabbed some names from your list for their own list!

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  2. Great name suggestion, as usual. I love her current sib-set, so I am curious to hear what they name baby girl… and I can’t help but be curious about the secret name list hehe

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