Birth announcement: Ethan Andrew!

What a wonderful day!! I received another birth announcement email from another mama I’d offered suggestions to not long ago, in which she writes,

“… of course it was a boy … those are the names I struggled with if you recall 🙂 … we finally ended up with Ethan Andrew … My husband and I went back and forth for days trying to figure something out. I really loved James Mark with the nickname Jack and the hubs really wanted Michael Andrew after his father. I really didn’t want my son to have the same first and last name as his grandfather, and my husband did not want Jack in anyway shape or form, so we started from scratch. While the baby was in the NICU we used our time wisely and scoured the internet using your website and other websites you mentioned to come up with a good strong name that suited our sweet baby boy. It took us a day and a half, but we finally settled on Ethan Andrew and we absolutely love it!!

The palpable joy in “we absolutely love it!!” makes my whole day. 🙂 Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Ethan!!


Ethan Andrew


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