Heard at baseball last night

Between the boys playing baseball with my son last night (9 and 10 year olds) and the kids playing in the area around the field, names I heard that resonated:

Luca (boy) (I know a local girl named this as well)

Xander (Alexander)

Tad (Thaddeus)

Jack called Jacky by his dad (cuuuute! Out of context, Jackie is only a girl’s name to me, but in that context, it’s so sweet and affectionate for a boy!)

And I’m pretty sure I heard — but I’m having a hard time believing it — Uriah!


11 thoughts on “Heard at baseball last night

  1. When I was in hospital after delivering Miss K, one of the many moms who roomed with me named her son Uriah.
    I used to babysit a boy named Lucca. He is all grown up and in college now, so not so little any more!

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  2. I have a friend who named one of her boys Lucius (pronounced Looshus, and I just read it in the Bible today – didn’t know it was biblical!) and she calls him Luca. She also has a Solomon, who she calls Solly, and Thadeus, called Thad. 🙂

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  3. My son is John IV, we call him Jack (a tradition in the family) and my two year old calls him “Jacky”. That nickname is actually a tradition in the family too, my father in law is sometimes called “Jacky”. I love it!

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  4. love Solly! One of my very best friends Dad is named Rosario (big Italian Catholic Family!). His nickname is Soddy. Have never heard Solly before, though…so fun! I know a man whose last name is Sullivan and he’s called Sully…that’s a fun name, too!

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