Oh this is fun

Parenting.com has a Build a Name feature: “See what your future baby’s name might look like! Just plug in a first name, middle name, and a last name to see your baby’s name written out in different styles.” Abby at Appellation Mountain called it weirdly addictive and it really kinda is.

5 thoughts on “Oh this is fun

  1. Fun site. One thing I found interesting is that what makes for an appealing sounding name doesn’t necessarily translate to a visually appealing one and vice versa. I particularly noticed that my combos with a long middle name looked sort of odd even though they sound nice (think 1-4-2 syllable pattern). And an alliterative name looks nice written out but maybe doesn’t sound that great.

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    • That is interesting! I was thinking about something similar — visual vs audio — yesterday regarding character names in books … one could conceivably write a book with characters Reilly, Ryleigh, and Riley, and I bet the reader would have no problem keeping them straight … until they tried to tell someone about the story, haha!


  2. Maybe I am an oddball, but the way a name looks(and sounds) with our surname totally goes into making my “list.” And I purposefully vary syllables… both kids have 3-1-2… the 1-syllable middle seems to be visually appealing and act as a “link” between the first and last. Maybe this is my English degree coming out? haha. Not sure if we can keep that pattern up, though… but I will say, our last name really, really affects what makes the cut for me. I want the entire name to look and sound “right.”

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    • Oh definitely! There are loads of names I like that we can’t use because of how they sound with our last name. I like your syllable thing! I had something similar going on with our first two, and with the name we originally picked for #3 … and then we changed our minds on the name halfway through my pregnancy, and the new name broke the pattern, ah well. We’re very similar with the English-major bit!


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