One year blogiversary!!

Hey everyone, guess what?? A year ago today I started this little name blog! Can you believe it?!

Today my husband and my boys and I are taking a mini pilgrimage to one of the (many!) St. Anne Shrines, where I will be praying for all of you and your intentions, with a special care for those who are hoping for motherhood (or fatherhood) or struggling after miscarriage(s); or who are struggling with infertility; or who are suffering the after effects of an abortion (whether recent or long ago); or who are struggling in their motherhood (or fatherhood) in any way. I’ll pray for all your babies, both here and on earth. I will also be offering prayers of thanks for all of you and the blessings that have come to me through this blog (there have been many!). It and you all have been beams of sunshine through stormy clouds in ways you’ll never know.

I don’t blog on Sundays, but tomorrow I will, in order to tell you about our trip! Have a fabulous and festive day!! 😀 ❤

St. Anne, pray for us
St. Anne, pray for us

12 thoughts on “One year blogiversary!!

  1. I’m so thankful for Sancta Nomina! It is such a wonderful community and so much fun to delve into the rich world of Catholic names together. Thank you Kate!!

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