More about middles

You guys have been great with responses about middle names!! I have a couple more questions:

— I’ve seen a couple examples now where boys were given just a letter as a middle name … do you know any girls who were similarly named?

— I understand in the military (or at least in the past) if you have no middle name the middle name spot is filled with NMN — I imagine that could lead to some funny misunderstandings in civilian life — do any of you know more about that?

I’m finding all this fascinating! (I’ll post today’s giveaway a bit later.)

11 thoughts on “More about middles

  1. My grandpa is one of the men with just a letter as a middle name! I think he has one of the funniest naming stories ever. He has a very creative first name (like I think his parents made it up by combining two different names) and his middle name is just R, because his mom wanted Robert as the middle and his dad wanted Raymond, so instead of trying to find a middle name they both liked, they just went with R, no period after either, people always try to put a period.

    I know one woman with just the letter J as her middle. She says it’s really confusing, because she’ll write it out of professional forms, and people will be like “no your entire middle” and she’ll be like “that is my entire middle” and people won’t necessarily believe her 😛

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  2. not much of my hubby’s paperwork has carried over from the military aside from his evals. I don’t think that a person with NMN would be a problem in civilian world since it was only within the military that the person had that “mark”. It’s like being two different people when serving: Your military self and your civilian self.

    I could be very wrong, though! But, based on how things have carried over from the military for us, I don’t think there would be much misunderstandings at all 🙂

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    • Ah okay! Funny to me that the military has such a need for *something* in the middle name spot … I suppose it’s to be as clear as possible who each person is? Esp with the possibility of people with the same first and last names?

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      • Yeah, I think you must be right. With the military being so large and so many folks with similar or same last names, esp within the specific branches. Actually, one of our friends who served served with another man that shared his same first and last name. They served in different departments, though, and it was only by chance that they discovered they were in the same boat (pun totally intended!) :p

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  3. I am totally fascinated that there is a population of people with just a letter for their middle name! The story about “R” is hysterical, lol.

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