Birth announcement: Maximilian Joseph!

I have it on good authority (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) that author/blogger/speaker/sweeter-than-pie and Edel co-founder Hallie Lord has given birth to her little boy! Welcome Maximilian Joseph!!

What a name! She’s been referring to baby Max for months, so I knew Max- was the name, but I certainly didn’t know the full combo, and I love it. St. Maximilian Kolbe’s one of my very very favorites, as is our good St. Joseph. Wonderful wonderful name for a little boy. (I love a good hashtag, and I saw one that someone left in a comment on Hallie’s photo: #CatholicToTheMax hahaha! Love it!! 😀 )

I’d love to share with you her other kids’ names, since — as I can gather from bits and pieces here and there over the years — they’re pretty awesome, but I can’t find any one post that refers to them all in a namey way (and I don’t even think I know them all), which says to me that maybe a full-out name-identifying post isn’t in her comfort zone. (Like your friendly Catholic-name-blogger who pseudonyms her own kids’ names on the blog. 😛 )

Congratulations to Hallie and her husband and older kiddos, and happy happy birthday Baby Max!!


3 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Maximilian Joseph!

  1. oooo, Maximilian Joseph is so handsome. Maximilian is too much name for me to ever consider personally as a first name, but I love seeing others using it!

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    • I know what you mean … I love the name and I love the saint but even though I chose it for one of my boys’ pseudonyms, irl I don’t think we’d ever go for it — it sounds kind of weird with our last name. Sooo unfortunate. But I love suggesting it to others, and I love when others use it! So handsome.

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