Max’s big sibs

When I posted the birth announcement yesterday for Hallie Lord’s #7, Maximilian Joseph, I noted that I’d love to list her other little ones’ (awesome) names but I didn’t think Hallie would be comfortable with that. Then the lovely lady herself tweeted them to me and said I could list them here! Woo! Check these out (I included Max so you can see the whole set together. *swoon*):

Daniel Francis

John “Jack” Paul

Sophia Kay

Lucy Jean

Zelie Olive

Charles “Charlie” Benedict

Maximilian Joseph

I love love love them, each one! ❤

(If Miss Hallie is reading, and has nothing better to do with her time 😛 I would be over the moon to hear how and why each combo was chosen! But of course a mama of a newborn doesn’t have time for that.) (Unless she loves the idea? I’d be all about that, with my little bundle snoozing on my chest and someone who actually wants me to talk about names. But we all know I’m a little nutty that way. 😉 )


10 thoughts on “Max’s big sibs

  1. Dying over the cuteness of all of her children’s names! And swooning over Francis as a middle name, it’s probably my favorite to put in the middle for a boy.

    I’d be curious to ask her how she’s pronouncing Zelie, because I’ve heard it so many different ways.

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  2. Such lovely Catholic names! As a name nerd I love that they each have their own first initial. My six kids do too, but as I contemplate names for a hypothetical #7 it’s hard to maintain.

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