A quick pop-in (& Laudato Si’ reflection at CatholicMom.com)

I hope you all had a great week! Our vacation is best explained by the fact that my boys are counting the days until we go back (we’re tentatively planning a similar trip in Summer 2017 so they have a lot of days to count). We actually did really great! And it was basically as I’d thought — we needed the same things for the week as we do for an overnight (pack and play, diapers and wipes galore, bathing suits, beach towels, sippy cups, clean clothes, paper/crayons, etc.), with the sole addition of a few more clothes and underwear.

I’ll be spending the next few days catching up on email, and I had some really fun name convos (thank you sisters and sisters-in-law and Mother dear!) and spotted some great names (a couple of which I posted about on Instagram), and encountered some sobering name info, all of which I’ll tell you about in upcoming posts. I’ll have a consultation posted tomorrow morning as usual, and some birth announcements to share as well. August is off and running!!

But my real reason for breaking my Sunday blog-fast and popping in here is to direct you to the CatholicMom.com Laudato Si’: A Community Conversation reflection on Chapter 3, which I’d mentioned recently. Every Sunday for eight weeks two CatholicMom.com writers will offer short reflections on their assigned chapter. This week is Chapter 3, and I have the privilege of being one of today’s writers. It’s not name-related, but I hope you’ll hop over there anyway, and maybe even leave a comment. Reading my one chapter — which is all that I’ve read of Laudato Si’ so far — was amazing; as I told friends, it was hard for me to imagine what Pope Francis could have possibly written about in the other chapters, so chock-full was Chapter 3.

Alrighty, I’m signing off until tomorrow!


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