You light up my life

I know I’ve gotten gushy on you before, but I just want to say it again — you’re all so great!! I just finished up responding to some emails and putting together consultations and I’m just constantly blown away by the great people this blog has connected me to. What a blessing to “know” so many faith-filled people! I love each and every one of your stories, and I constantly feel the amazingness of the privilege it is to be invited into the intimacy of your families. God is so good. ❤


16 thoughts on “You light up my life

  1. One of my online friends was kind enough to add me to a late Fall/early Winter due date Catholic Mom group and that’s where I found out about your blog! They’re all recommending and raving about Sancta Nomina! It’s a treat to be privy to such a nice corner of the Catholic blogosphere (and in that group) after some not-so-nice experiences elsewhere 🙂

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  2. Thank you for having a place online for faith based name conversations. It’s always been part of the Catholic tradition to value the significance behind a name. My favorite Catholic name story is when I was in Ireland, I met an older woman who said, “You’re from America. Do you know my daughter in Chicago? Her name is Dymphna after the saint.” Of course, it was a little amusing that she thought America was small enough that I would have run into her daughter by now but the touching part followed when she described St Dymphna and why her daughter was named for her. why her daughter was named for her. I have been enjoying reading stories like that here. Thank

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  3. I’m so grateful to have met you too!! This is seriously one of the nicest places on the internet I think. I love getting to look at everyones comments and see such respect for others in them, even if two people disagree. AMDG!

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  4. Your work here is so full of loving reverence. Your research & earnest effort is not lost on any of us, your readers! It’ s like you are always there to listen and to talk to. You are a wonderful advertisement for Catholicism!You are a great gift. Thank you so very much!

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