Alumni mag namespotting, and Swistle question

You know I love getting those alumni mags in the mail! The update section — where everyone shares what they’re doing, like jobs, marriage, and babies — is like a little Christmas-come-early gift. Just the other day I spotted this triplet set (!) (alt characters used for privacy):

S!m0n V!nc3nt
Le0 Charl3s
Cec!lia M@ry

I mean really. A million bonus points to them for Superb Catholic Naming.

I also read this Swistle post yesterday and wondered what you all think: Is Judah “too Judas” for use? I personally don’t ever connect Judas Iscariot with the names Judah or Jude, even though all three are just variants of the same name. Really, all three have totally different feels to me:

  • Judas is one of those names that Catholics aren’t allowed to use (Canon 855 states that, “Parents, sponsors, and the pastor are to take care that a name foreign to Christian sensibility is not given”)
  • Judah is Ben Hur, or (in my experience) most likely from a Jewish family
  • Jude is all ours (and maybe a little bit Brit, thank you Beatles and Jude Law) because of St. Jude Thaddeus, and his namesake St. Jude’s Hospital, as well as all the little Catholic boys I know named Jude

I have to say, I was surprised that the couple in the Swistle post had heard “the guy that betrayed the savior?” from “99% of our friends and family” — what are your thoughts/experience?


16 thoughts on “Alumni mag namespotting, and Swistle question

  1. I’m WAY in the minority, but Jude is too Judas for me, Judah is too Rastafarian for me since they sing about/talk about/wear the Lion of Judah so much.

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  2. I already commented on the Swistle post (love that you read her blog too!) and I was dumbfounded to hear that people confuse/associate Judah and Judas together. Totally separate names. Judas is obviously a no-go, but I think Judah is sweet and Jude is a personal favorite.

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  3. Judah, nn Jude, was in my top 3 for this baby, and I’ve also considered it for a girl, nn Judie. Basically I love the name, and am determined to use it one way or another! 🙂 And no, it is toooootally different from Judas. (Although her other Judah post, with the update yesterday, had an interesting point about using an S_ middle after Judah…)

    My favorite part of that post was Swistle’s “stylish biblical names” list. I’m hoping folks add to her list in the comments. Totally our style of names (half our boys were on the list, or 3/5 if you count this baby’s boy name).

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  4. I love those triplets names! Beautiful!

    Jude was our boy name for my 2nd daughter. It definitely strikes me as way different from Judas; I particularly love it partnered with Thaddeus as a middle. Historically Jude hasn’t been used much (until recently) and I think that was due to its similarity to Judas.

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  5. Those triplets are perfectly named!! So cute!!

    Confession time: I always used to get Judah and Judas confused when I was little (and honestly still sometimes do if I’m thinking too fast :P). I think it probably had to do with the fact that our priest when I was growing up was a mumbler, but it might have honestly gotten confused in my mind, so now I have that connection with Judah in my mind unfortunately even though it’s a lovely name.

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  6. I have always loved Jude! I am hoping deep down we find a way to use it somewhere, even femininely. But, if we end up with Rita, I don’t know if we will bring on two impossible saint patrons to our brood! haha 😉

    Judah has always been it’s own name in my opinion, and not a favorite one at that, but we have a German Shepard who is Judah…and well…we all know how I feel about dogs lol The name is so fitting for this big lug and his personality though!

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