Birth announcement: Nathaniel John!

I received another wonderful birth announcement from a private-consult mama! She writes,

Just a quick note to let you know that our 5th baby has arrived and it was a boy! I’m horrible at guessing the gender lol. We had decided on Lydia Therese if it was a girl, but as he is a boy we went with Nathaniel John as planned.”

I love love love the combo Nathaniel John, so handsome!! He joins his very well named older sibs:

Tahlia Belinda
Angus Jack
Isaac Lachlan
Bethany Mary

Such great taste!! Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Nathaniel!!


Nathaniel John


4 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Nathaniel John!

  1. Well, of course I love this one with our own Nathaniel (James – so close to John!). Congrats to the happy family!! (And Lydia and Therese have also made my short list and Bethany is a fave of my husband’s…. love their taste!)

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  2. Welcome little Nathaniel John! I just heard the reading that mentions Nathaniel and I was struck by the fact that scripture records Our Lord Jesus saying about Nathaniel that there was no “duplicity” in him…wow…wonderful patron saint for this new sweet little boy…

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  3. We have a Nathaniel John as well (with an identical twin brother Andrew Richard). Both boys received their grandfathers’ middle names. ❤️

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