Famous Catholics: Campos-Duffy

I’ve been meaning to update this post since I discovered little Campos-Duffy #7’s name back in the spring, and kept forgetting to do so … but today’s your lucky day!! 🙂 She’s the beautifully named … [drumroll] … Margarita Pilar!

I’m very interested that it’s the third time Sean and Rachel have used Pilar as a middle name, and the second time they’ve used Margarita (first as a middle, now as a first). Either way, it’s beautiful and saintly and heavy hitting! She’s one blessed (and beautiful!) little girl! (And other than Rachel’s Twitter, I think it’s very possible you’re hearing it here first, because even her Wiki page only notes the birth of a daughter, it doesn’t list her name.)

Sancta Nomina

Ok, so I don’t know a whole heckuva lot about Rachel Campos-Duffy and her husband Sean. I do know:
— They met on MTV’s Road Rules All Stars in 1998
— Sean’s a congressman (Wisconsin’s seventh district)
— He’s one of eleven children
— They gave their children super duper Catholic names:

Evita Pilar
Xavier Jack
Paloma Pilar
MariaVictoria Margarita

They reportedly recently welcomed baby #7 (a girl!), but I haven’t been able to find out the new baby’s name. Anyone?

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9 thoughts on “Famous Catholics: Campos-Duffy

  1. I find it so interesting how much they’ve repeated names! I kinda love it, because I’m always overthinking repeating names but really, it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, and even provides a little bit of a connection between siblings.

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  2. I kinda love the repetition, too! It comes across as very confident–these names are so important to us we’re going to use them TWICE, haha. I also loooove that they’re brave enough to use Margarita. I am sad that one is so tied to the drink, because it is beautiful and classic and saintly. I’ve seen Brits spell it Margarida, which I’d still not be bold enough to use, but does tone down the association just a notch. Anyway, congratulations and kudos to the Campos-Duffy family!

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    • Yessss I’ve thought that about Margarita too! The only one I know irl is Hispanic, as is Rachel, so in my mind it works okay for a girl of that background but on anyone else I feel like the drink connection is more problematic? Margarida’s interesting, I’ve never seen that! Magdalena and Maddalena have always struck me as similar, which I like a lot, and they don’t have the drink problem.

      I like what you said too about confidence, that’s such a great way to look at it!


  3. […] Yesterday’s post about the Campos-Duffy family prompted me to look more into what people think about repeating names among siblings. If you remember, they used Pilar (one of my fave Marian names!) as a middle name for three of their girls, and Margarita as a middle for one girl and a first name for another. I’m just noticing too that they used Jack as a middle and John-Paul as a first (it’s the John connection that I’m finding interesting between them). […]


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