Alumni mag namespotting

I was looking through some old magazines the other day and found two alumni mags with some fun baby names. And how appropriate, this week that school starts for so many!

I loved (alt characters used for privacy):

Andr3w, Isab3lla, Is@@c, and (newborn) S@rah Mar!a Rapha3la (love that!)

Luk@, Luc!ja, S!mun, and P@ula (interesting because a lot of people I know, myself included, would likely shy away from using both Luke and Lucy names/variants)

T0dd, J0s3ph, G!anna, and (newborn) R0se Cec!l!a

R0se B3atr!ce and Cla!r3 Th3r3sa

Grac3, Ann!e, and Lucy

Edm0nd Patr!ck

S@r@h, Fa!th, Chr!st0pher, Luk3, D0m!n!c, Grac3, PJ, and (newborn) J0hn P@tr!ck

R3b3kah, Samu3l, Jac0b, Paul, M!r!am, and Z!pp0rah

J0hn, Th3r3s3, and El!jah

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