Birth announcement: Jude Becket!

Holy days are celebration days, and Sundays are no exception — I will absolutely break my no-blogging-on-Sunday rule for a birth announcement!

I did a private consultation for Jenna and her husband a couple of months ago, and she just let me know her baby boy has arrived! She writes,

Well he is here, he came 3 wks early but is doing great! And we ended up going with Jude Becket 🙂 “

Jude Becket!! I love it!! He joins his amazingly named big sibs:

Miriam Goretti
Joseph Kolbe
Gianna Elizabeth

I guess I’m wondering if they’re a Catholic family? Haha! 😉 Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Jude!!


Jude Becket

3 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Jude Becket!

  1. This is too cute! I have twin boys born on June 2012 and their names are Jude and Becket. Someone told me they thought those names didn’t “go together.” I disagree! Congratulations!

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