Nicknames: Ash/-ash

You all know I’m a big fan of nicknames, so it should come as no surprise that I’m constantly on the lookout for new/interesting/different/offbeat nicknames for “normal” names, or “normal” nicknames for unusual/long/difficult/complicated given names.

Recently, I’m loving nicknames that rhyme with Ash. Dashiell nicked Dash has been a favorite of mine ever since The Incredibles — how totally clever was it to give a speedy kid a name that nicked to Dash?! And how cool is that nickname anyway? I’m not a huge fan of Dashiell, but for Dash? I’d consider it. I’d prefer to find a different name that nicked easily/logically to Dash though … like … David Shepherd? Daniel Seamus? Can you think of others?

I’ve seen Cash and Nash used now and again, and they always appeal to me, so I must just really like the -ash sound. I’ve seen Cash for Johnny Cash, and Cash as a nickname for Cashel. I could see it maybe working as a quirky nickname for Christian or maybe even Charles. Until very recently I’d only seen Nash used as a stand alone name, but then it occurred to me (or maybe I saw somewhere?) that it could be a natural for Ignatius or Nathaniel. I kind of love that idea!

Bash is one of the cleverest nicknames for Sebastian, in my opinion. I love that Grace’s boy is Sebastian nicked Bash, sooo cool.

And finally, what inspired this post was this comment from Sarah about a little Athanasius nicked Ash. Ohhh my! Clever clever, I love love love it! (I was also thinking Nash could work for Athanasius too).

What do you all think about the Ash/-ash nicknames? Do they appeal to you? Have you heard other examples, and what are the given names?


31 thoughts on “Nicknames: Ash/-ash

  1. Speaking of nick names for Ignatius, I know of an older man named Nacy for Ignatius. Nash seems so obvious a nick for Ignatius but it never would have occurred to me. I associate it with Australia because there often seems to be a Nash in any Australian soap I’ve seen! Maybe its a popular name there.

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  2. Oooo, I love all these suggestions. I really like the idea of Nash for Ignatius (Ignatius has a special place in my heart because I got to a Jesuit school)! I feel like Ash could even work for Ignatius.

    There’s Cassius for Cash too.

    There’s Pasha which is the Russian diminutive of Pavel which is from Paul. I feel like Ash could would with Pasha. Or maybe even Sasha.

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  3. Oh, I love the idea of Nash for Ignatius! (And Athanasius!) Ignatius was my grandfather’s name, but he went by Eddie (for his middle name) probably because he felt his given name was too much? I’ve known one Nash in real life – a really cool guy. Full name was Nashwell, but Ignatius makes Nash so Catholicky!!

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      • Me too! I’ve always prayed for him as “Edward Ignatius,” not just “Eddie/Edward” (I never got to meet him, and I am his oldest grandchild, so “grandpa” never got a chance to stick. He was a legend of a man though – a greatly loved, devout Polish-American Catholic who broke everyone’s heart when he died too young! I am still advocating for an Edward or Ignatius honor name if we have another son).


  4. Totally off -topic from the ash discussion, but I just saw an article written by am Irish woman named Majella and I had to tell you. No time for loading email on my phone. Majella! Genius way to get a feminine for st. Gerard if you’re not into Geraldine. And she could be nicknamed Maggie or Ella! Have you heard of this before? I’m freaking out. :p Sorry.

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  5. Slightly off-topic, but my husband and I were back at our alma mater this past weekend (Go Irish!) and we took a shortcut through his old dorm. I was reading the name tags on the doors as we passed the rooms, and I saw a Christian who had penciled in his nickname, Kit! I never ever would have thought of that as a nickname for Christian!

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    • I was cracking myself up last night over ones that don’t work though … because when I get on a thought tangent like this — “Wow I really love -ash, what other nicknames can I come up with?” — I start considering things that should not be considered … like Mash … it’s like I develop a blind spot and only hear the sound, forgetting that Mash is an actual word that doesn’t work as a name. So crazy!


  6. I have a friend whose husband is named Cash. I assumed it was really his name but wasn’t sure so just had to ask and found out it is indeed his given name. So that didn’t help me come up with any new options for names with that as a nickname.

    These saints lend themselves somewhat to Cash as a possible nickname, though likely not at top of list.

    What about as a nickname for Casey (as in Ven. Solanus)? Maybe something like Casey Seamus which you did with the combo first/middle names for Nash options.

    Or what about as a nickname for Matthew or Levi – tax collector apostle is patron of accountants, bankers, tax collectors, stockbrokers – all somewhat related to cash.

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