More regarding patron saints

As a follow-up to my patron saint post of last week, I wanted to be sure you knew about CatholicSaints.Info, which I use a lot for saint info and which I’d linked to in my article — on its homepage are a bunch of different patronages listed by general topic (e.g., Patron Saints of Cities and Patron Saints of Family Matters) as well as saints who had specific life states, occupations, etc. (e.g., saints who were converts, widowers, visionaries …), which can make for quick research when you’re looking for a patron saint. It also has patronage topics listed alphabetically, as well as a search function if that’s easier. As with my Caroline/Charlotte post, it was as easy as searching for those names and seeing the listing of saints or blesseds that came up for each one. Thanks to Terry for creating and maintaining such a great resource!

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