Birth announcement: Henry Edward!

A private consultation mama has let me know her baby boy has arrived — Henry Edward! She writes,

I wanted to share with you that Henry Edward was born on October 8th.  He is such a blessing and I think Henry fits him perfectly. I’ve attached a picture of Henry with his proud big brother, John and big sister, Lucy.”

I love love love Henry, and it’s so perfect as a brother to John and Lucy — what a great sib set! So well named! Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Henry!!

(I just love the joy and pride Lucy and John exude in these pics!)


Henry Edward and big sibs


Baptism day!


12 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Henry Edward!

  1. What a royal name!! So lovely, especially with Lucy and John 😀 And a beautiful family! Congrats!

    (Also, very well timed given the little discussion yesterday on the question “is Henry too protestant?”)

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    • I know! Perfect timing haha! The picture I found to post to IG about this birth announcement was an icon of St. Henry Morse, with Our Lady in the image as well — can’t get much more Catholic than that! Love love!

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      • I’ll have to figure out IG to see that! I love St. Henry Morse — there is a documentary on his life that you can watch on youtube.

        Congratulations to the family! Such a lovely name and such sweet pictures of his big siblings.

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      • St. Henry Morse, Priest of the Plague. I’ll have to say while I found the story beautiful it’s not the most enthralling piece of cinema. I think my husband fell asleep. 😉 There is also apparently an out of print book by the same name.

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