Birth announcement: David Newton, Jr.!

Mandi from A Blog About Miscarriage has had her baby! The consultation I posted for her back in September focused on a middle name for a girl, but it was all moot because she has welcomed a son — David Newton, Jr.!

She writes,

Our son was born Wednesday, November 11 at 6:25pm. He was several days late but when he finally came, he was born less than an hour after labor started.  He was delivered by his daddy in the car!

We had narrowed down middle names for Cecilia to two front runners, Clare and Rose, with Paloma and Zelie as wild cards still in consideration, but decided to wait until the baby was born to make a final decision. Since baby was a boy, it turns out we never needed to. 

We named our son David Newton Richards, Jr. He shares his name with not only his father but his great grandfather and great great grandfather. My husband was given that name after his grandfather who died when my father-in-law was a teenager. He has a first cousin named David after their grandfather as well (and his son has the middle name David), so we have lots of Davids in the family and we are honored to pass on the tradition. My brother is a Jr. and I always loved that naming tradition so I planned to have my son be a Jr.  long before I met my husband. It was serendipitous that the man I did meet happened to have an awesome name with a rich family history. I used to not care for Newton much but I’ve grown to love that it’s old fashioned and uncommon. It hasn’t been in the top 1000 boys names in the U.S. since 1957! 

We haven’t come up with a nickname for little David yet (which I feel is kind of necessary to distinguish him in conversation from his dad) but are using a bunch and seeing which feels right. Being the nickname queen, maybe you have some suggestions for us that we haven’t considered? I myself am a bit partial to Newt but I don’t think I’ll be able to get that one to fly 🙂 “

What a wonderful family naming tradition little David was born into!! (Also, did you catch that — he was born in the car!)

Mandi asked for nickname ideas for David (she called me the “nickname queen”!! 😀 ), so these are mine:

  • (I love Newt!)
  • Certainly there’s Dave and Davey — Davey especially has kind of a throwback little guy feel, so sweet!
  • My grandfather was from Ireland and his name was David but his nickname growing up was Daithín (I think that’s how it’s spelled) — Irish for “little Daithi,” where Daithi is the Irish for David. Daithi is pronounced DAH-hee and Daithín like dah-HEEN, so maybe dah-HEEN? (Not sure how you’d want to spell it though! Daheen looks too feminine? And Daithín too Irish?)
  • My cousin is David Jr. and he goes by DJ, so maybe that?
  • You know I’m a big fan of combining first and middle names to come up with nicknames — in this case, maybe David Newton could become Danny? Not that unusual, but distinct from Dad. Or Dane?
  • Or Junior! (I hear Sean Connery saying, “Junior!” in his fabulous accent from the Indiana Jones movies! Haha!) Or just Jay? From Junior, which is kind of like Dave but different?
  • You could also do Richie, which is such a common thing for guys to go by (their last names, or nicknames of their last names), but maybe that’s weird to start at home? Is that more of a nickname that buddies bestow in high school?
  • This is a little crazy, but could be cute — what about D2? Like David II? It’s different, it’s Star Wars-y? Or just D, for that matter?
  • Or what about Dewi? It’s the Welsh version of David, and St. David of Wales is known as Dewi Sant, and Dewi’s kind of like David and Newton smushed together!

What nicknames would you suggest for little David Jr.?

You can read more about this little guy’s car birth in Mandi’s announcement on her blog. Congratulations to Mandi and David Sr. and big sister Lucia, and happy birthday Baby David!!


David Newton, Jr.


Hi Mister!


Proud big sister Lucia


Tiny guy!


20 thoughts on “Birth announcement: David Newton, Jr.!

  1. Gah, so love this. I have following Mandi since Lucia was under a year old and in (cloth) diaps. So many similarities. I have two kids, girl first, then boy. My girl has the same Big Sis t that Lucia is wearing. My son was born shortly after labor too (only 3 hours total, and 25 minutes after I got to the hospital), but she rocks for car delivery. My boy is a Jr. too, sort of. Grandpa is Martin Craig (goes by Craig), Dad is Martin Kane (goes by Marty) and son is Martin Kane II (goes by Kane). I didn’t like Jr. and the II is a nod to JPII (I instisted one child be named for him in some way). Using the middle name is a nod to grandpa and helps distinguish (and the K matches big sister Kristy Marie – named for Christ and Mary). Of Kate’s suggestions I kind of like Danny or Dane. Many blessings to you. Having a son is so, so sweet.

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  2. OMG so cute! That picture of Lucia and little David is perfection 🙂

    As for needing an nickname, I babysit for a family where they have two Grandpas named Joe, dad is Joe and son is Joe, and it is surprisingly not confusing to talk about all the them in the same conversation because they’re all different ages, so like when I was talking once to Joe (dad) about Joe’s (son) baseball game, he knew I wasn’t talking about his dad or his father-in-law or when Michelle (mom) is talking about Joe coming home from work, I know she isn’t talking about her dad or father in law or son because the only one I care about coming home is Joe (dad), so I’m not sure a nickname is necessary. And just David is so handsome!

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  3. Congrats to this sweet family!
    I have a huge soft spot for Davey, probably all thanks to Anne of Avonlea. It’s such a lovable scamp of a name! And it comes with minimal explanation, which would be a plus for me.

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    • Ohh I’d forgotten about the Anne character! So sweet! I also love the description, “a lovable scamp of a name,” perfect! Minimal explanation can be a huge selling point, it’s true — my husband has always said he doesn’t want to have to explain our kids’ names.


  4. I’m super late commenting on this so I’m sure they already decided on something, but my favorite is Davey (lovable scamp of a name! Love that!)

    However, Davey wasn’t my first thought. I actually thought of Dewey before reading this post (was just reading her birth story). I was always taught that Dewey is a nickname for David (probably a simple angicization of Dewi), so I figured when she was looking for nicknames that weren’t obvious, that would be a good one. Though since Daddy goes by the full David, my preference still lies with adorable Davey. He could then go by Dave as an adult which honestly is one of the most likable guys’ names. When I hear “Dave”, I hear “likable”!

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