Birth announcement: Tiber Augustine Édouard!

Our dear reader hollyce has had her seventh baby — a boy! She and her husband have given him the ah-MAZ-ing name of Tiber Augustine Édouard! She writes,

Tiber Augustine Édouard Krueger born at 2121 on 10.31.2015, 6lbs14oz 19.5″ long

Named Tiber because of my conversion and Kris’s reversion in 2004-05, middle names chosen by godmother and oldest sister Lily for St. Augustine, St. Édouard and Édouard Manet

Ohhhh my. I can’t tell you exciting it is for me to see a little guy with the awesome and so-meaningful name Tiber! I LOVE it! ❤

He joins his amazingly well named big sibs:

Elizabeth Chandler nn Lily (“after my mom’s middle and maiden names“)

Cole Jacob (“shares my husband Kris’s middle name Jacob after Kris’s maternal grandfather and he has Kris’s mom’s initials“)

Anne Eleanor nn Annie (“named after the Anns and Annas on all sides of the families and St. Anne, Our Lady’s mother. She has Kris’s late dad’s initials“)

Blaise Robert (“after St. Blaise and my late dad, Robert“)

Urban Paul (“after Kris’s uncles’ middle names, St. Paul and Pope St. Urban – Uncle Steve was given Urban as his middle name after his Uncle Barney. Apparently Barney was a nickname for Urban?!“)

Mary Margaret Rose (“after the Blessed Mother, St. Margaret Clitherow, and we just liked Rose“)

Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!

Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Tiber!!


Tiber’s baptism day!

12 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Tiber Augustine Édouard!

  1. Wow! Tiber! So brave. I really like it, but I don’t think I would ever be brave enough to use it! ‘

    The other children’s names are also beautiful! I like Elizabeth nn Lily a lot because then Elizabeth is like a Marian name! All of her girl’s names are exactly my style too 🙂

    And what a lovely picture 🙂 Everyone looks so happy!

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