A baby needs our prayers

One of our faithful readers, Sarah, is worried about the health and safety of her little one, with whom she’s only a few weeks along. She’s particularly interested in St. Jude as an intercessor, since he’s the patron of impossible causes; St. Rita is as well, and has been a powerful intercessor in circumstances I’m privy to; and of course, our dear St. Anne is special to us and I believe we are special to her. Please pray for Sarah and her baby!


11 thoughts on “A baby needs our prayers

  1. Thanks, everyone. I’ve never had such a dismal first ultrasound before. This is our third little one. A glimmer of hope: my hcg levels are rising normally. I’ll have my second ultrasound this Friday to see if the baby has continued to develop, and I’ll keep you updated. The prayers mean so much!

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