Celebrity guest: Tommy Tighe (The Catholic Hipster)

Happy feast of the Immaculate Conception! One of my favorite things about holy days is that they’re meant to be celebration days, so let’s break out the yummy desserts and live it up!

A special treat for us today is this fun guest post from one of Mother Mary’s biggest fans, Tommy Tighe, who, as you probably know, blogs and tweets and writes at CatholicMom.com and podcasts — all as The Catholic Hipster. He’s also living my dream of writing an actual book that’s going to actually be publishedThe Catholic Hipster Handbook is in the works! (Available Spring 2017 from Ave Maria Press.)

I’ve had “Catholic hipster baby names” on the brain because of Tommy, but, as I told him, I’m either too old or too uncool to really *get* exactly what all this hipster stuff means, so I asked him if he could suggest a name or two for each gender that would fall squarely in Catholic hipster territory.

As with all his writing, the result made me laugh out loud! (Or lol, for all you younguns 😀 )

The Top Catholic Hipster Baby Names of 2015

By Tommy Tighe

It’s coming close to the end of 2015, and that means one thing: A ton of blog posts telling you the top somethings of 2015!

And this will be no different, as we bring you the top Catholic Hipster baby names of the year!


Kids love themselves some horses, right? So why not name your son after the Patron Saint of horses, St. Hippolytus?!

The actual Hippolytus was a martyr from Rome back in 235. He spent some time in exile for being elected as an antipope, the first in the history of the Church; however, he was reconciled to the Church before his martyrdom.

Your child’s name would be a clear sign that no one is too far away for God to bring them back in.

Plus, you could call him “Hippo” for short, and that would be pretty clutch.

Now here’s one that may be even too hipster for the biggest Catholic Hipsters among you.

Guinefort was a 13th-century French dog that received local veneration as a folk saint after miracles were reported at his grave. Evidently, the dog’s owner was a well-known knight who left his infant son in the care of the dog while he went off to battle. When the knight returned, the nursery was in disarray, and the jaws of the dog were bloody. Figuring that the dog devoured his son, the Knight killed the dog, only to hear the sound of his baby crying moments later. When the Knight flipped over the overturned crib, he saw the baby, safe and sound, lying next to a dead viper, which Guinefort had killed in order to save the child.

The dog became recognized by locals as the patron of infants, and sick infants brought to the dog’s grave would often have a total and miraculous recovery.

Guinefort … do it!


Nothing like a good ol’ “Qu” name for your daughter, right?

The real Quiteria was one of nine children … all born at the same time. That’s right, she was nonuplet! In a fit of rage, her high ranking mother demanded that their nurse drown the babies in a river. Thankfully, the nurse couldn’t do it, and instead snuck the babies out to a remote village where they grew up together.

After they grew up, they formed a badass Christian gang that travelled around breaking other Christians out of jail and smashing Roman idols. After being jailed themselves, they ended up breaking out and waging a guerilla-style war against the Roman Empire.

Sure, they lost, but how cool would it be for your baby girl to tell the story of where she got her name to her Kindergarten teacher?

Helena isn’t just an awesome name for your baby girl because of that one tweeting nun; it’s also awesome because of St. Helena of Constantinople.

The mother of Constantine the Great, Helena is credited with finding the relics of the cross on which Jesus was crucified! She was a powerful empress, a very important yet still somewhat unknown figure in the history of Christianity, and even lived a life worthy of getting her face on a coin!

She’s also the patroness of divorcees, which is a pretty hot topic around the Catholic Church these days.

So, there you have it, the ultimate Catholic Hipster baby names list for 2015.

Are you pregnant right now and spending countless hours trying to select the perfect name? Well, I’m happy to have done all the work for you!!

And, for all of you kids out there with regular old names like James, Paul, or Andrew … sorry guys, but Daddy stuck with the classics.

Thanks a million to the funniest hipster I know for entertaining my namey request, and I hope you all have a very happy feast day!!


17 thoughts on “Celebrity guest: Tommy Tighe (The Catholic Hipster)

  1. I’ll jump right out there to go for Hippolytus! (never thought I’ d hear myself say that!) …two reasons…love Hip for a nickname and can’t get by the dog story/saint thing…truly love dogs, though! 🙂
    Next …love Quiteria! Great excuse for Cutie as a nickname!
    So, between Hip & Cutie & some great stories (love Quiteria’s “gang”)…Thanks a mill, Tommy T!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Just so you’re aware, it is not that you are too old to understand what *get* what hipster really means, because as a 20 year old, I have almost zero clue. Maybe if you gave me a list and said pick out the hipster stuff, I could, but there is no way I could come up with it on my own, lol.

    And I might argue that in fact, Helena isn’t exactly hipster, because I feel like I’ve met quite a few Catholics named Helena. It’s kind of along the lines of maybe Genevieve or Rosemary for me, where it’s not common in the general population, but among Catholics, it’s at least a little common. Not that I don’t love the name Helena, I think it’s lovely 🙂 Just maybe not so hipster.

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  3. Slightly off topic, but I think Tommy Tighe is a super snappy name. Our last name is Tys0n and Thomas and Theresa both long time favorites that my husband thinks are questionable with our last name – though he seems to have weakened on Theresa! The alliiteration seems to work well for Tommy Tighe.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Oh, also, we are a bit old-ish to be considered hipsters by most younger people but I think we actually have a lot of hipster qualities at our house—my husband wears a beard, plays the ukulele, and brews his own beer for example. Plus we are urban gardeners and are probably getting urban chickens this year. Then there’s the tea, handknits, and clunky glasses, among other things…. So I’m going out on a limb and saying we are pretty hipster. 😂

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