New Marian names

On my post about the name Saint the other day, Sara commented,

Names deriving from Latin sanctus (which gave rise to modern English ‘saint’) are not uncommon in the Middle Ages. Perhaps the most surprising one — people not realizing where it came from — is Spanish Sancha and Sancho! These directly arise from sanctus (m.) and sancta (f.)

For me, Sancho is all Sancho Panza, Don Quixote’s sidekick, and because of Sara’s comment I looked him up real quick, to be sure I was remembering correctly who he was, and discovered (which I had not remembered) that his daughter was named “María Sancha (also named Marisancha, Marica, María, Sancha and Sanchica).”

I kind of love all of those! What a beautiful and meaningful combo “holy Mary” would be for a little Catholic girl! I’d have to dig a little deeper to discover whether or not the use of any of those would be weird, like, you named your daughter after Sancho Panza’s daughter? I’m thinking it would not be weird — who knows the ins and outs of Don Quixote anyway? (Funny fact: I did refer to him as “my boyfriend” that semester I took the Don Quixote class, because I couldn’t spend time with anyone else but Don Quixote … that class did its very best to kick my rear.) (But I was triumphant.)

I love Sancho too, but again — too weird? I’m sorry I don’t have time to delve into it (I’m trying to play catch up on everything this week, not least of which is my son’s first Confession this Saturday, and everything Christmas!), so if anyone knows, please share!


7 thoughts on “New Marian names

  1. I love hearing that you called Don Quixote your boyfriend in college, it makes me feel more normal because 100% this semester I’ve been calling Shakespeare my boyfriend this semester because I’ve spent more time with him than any of my friends.

    Anyway, as for Maria Sancha, I think it could be lovely if someone loved it! Most people don’t know full names, and like you said, who really spends enough time dissecting Don Quixote to know that Maria Sancha is the name of his best friends daughter?

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