More Christmas names!

I have an article up at Nameberry today discussing more ideas for Christmas babies — this time, names inspired by the O Antiphons, which started last night! Names for a Yuletide Babe: The O Antiphons


I’d love to know what you think — please hop on over there and leave a comment if you feel so moved!


6 thoughts on “More Christmas names!

  1. Katie, I loved this article so much. It was genius to look at the possible names with connections to the O Antiphons! I love the O Antiphons and we have developed several traditions through the years to commemorate them. This year some friends and I just had a jewelry making night and made O Antiphon bracelets with charms symbolizing each antiphon.

    In your name lists, I especially like the traditionals – Sophia, Jesse, David, Dominic, Dawn, Roxanne.

    Again – so clever – love it.

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