Birth announcement: Susanna Grace!

You all likely know by now that I will absolutely break any blog fasts for a birth announcement, and I’m excited to post one today!

I posted a consultation for Karra and her husband last month, and Karra emailed me to let me know her baby girl has arrived and has been given the gorgeous name Susanna Grace!

Karra writes,

I had our beautiful baby GIRL on November 27th, the day after thanksgiving!  We named her Susanna Grace after much much much much much much debate.  And actually she was not named for over 24 hours!!!  I kept saying to my husband, we need to name her because we keep calling her “the baby” or just “her.”

At the time of her birth, we had it narrowed down to Susanna, Mary, and Mary Beth (Mary Elizabeth).  Since she was born on the feast of St. Catherina of Alexandria though, we then considered Mary Cate (Mary Catherine).  And then Juliet was thrown in for good measure.  I thought my husband was leaning more towards Mary and I was leaning more towards Susanna…until he said that Susanna was his top choice.  I kept asking if he was sure and he assured me he was…I think it was after playing with first and middle names that we threw out there “Susanna Grace” and it just kind of fit perfectly.  I don’t know why I never paired these two names together before!

Anyways, I thought I would update you!  I appreciate all your help and suggestions, I read the post and comments several times during that 24 hours after her birth searching for inspiration!

I’m just in love with the name Susanna Grace, and I also love that little Susanna has a virtue name in the middle like her sisters. Well done, Mom and Dad!

Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Susanna!!


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