Birth announcement: Avila Rose!

It’s a two-birth-announcement day! Hooray! 😀

Tanya’s consultation posted at the end of September, and she emailed me today to let me know the baby arrived this past week! They gave her the beautiful name … Avila Rose!

Tanya writes,

We had so much fun ( and a little stress) trying to find a name for her.  We enjoyed sorting through all your advice and suggestions. In the end we couldn’t agree so we decided to just wait till she was born. We ended up going with Avila Rose. Although we did break the double vowel pattern of our other kids names we feel that Avila still goes well with all the sibling names. Whether we have any more kiddos or not naming trends continue to fascinate me and I will def keep following your blog.

She was 8 lbs 10 oz and born at 4:28 on the Feast of the Epiphany (Jan 6th). We all adore her already.”

I loooove the name Avila, and I’m so excited to see it used for this beautiful baby! And paired with Rose is so lovely! Tanya posted her birth story, if you’re into that kind of thing. (I am! I so am.)

Congratulations to Tanya and Mike and big sibs Keira, Israel, Nairi, and Samuel, and happy birthday Baby Avila!!

Avila Rose


9 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Avila Rose!

  1. I had to knit my fingers not to email you that Cara and Avila were born same day!!! My other Catholic friend was in labor with twins that day, too!

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