Birth announcement: Josie Rosalyn!

A mama I did a private consultation for has let me know her baby girl has arrived and has been given the lovely name … Josie Rosalyn!

She writes,

We welcomed another daughter on November 10 and named her Josie Rosalyn!  Josie to honor my grandfather whose middle name was Joseph and Rosalyn to honor my grandmother whose middle name was Rose.  Thank you so much for helping us name our daughter!  Your suggestion of Rosalie inspired Rosalyn for a middle name when my husband decided Josie was his favorite first name.  I will be sure to save your suggestions to hopefully use again in a few years 😉 “

What a wonderful and meaningful choice! I think you’ll be extra impressed when you read her other children’s names:

Aidan James
Maren Patricia
Sadie Elizabeth

Do you see the pattern? They all have five-letter two-syllable first names! And each such a great choice! Nice job Mom and Dad!

Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Josie!!


Josie Rosalyn


3 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Josie Rosalyn!

  1. Wow, these are fantastic names, what a great sibset! I like each one on its own and together they’re delightful. Josie Rosalyn is especially sweet to me, since Josephine and Rosalind are two of my favorites, but I also have a James and an Elisabeth, so names I love all around!

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