Are you waiting to hear from me?

I’ve had a couple of snafus recently where some of you wonderful readers have tried to get a hold of me, both over Facebook and email, but I never saw your message until you tried again a different way — I’m so sorry for that! My intention is to write back as soon as I get an email/message — sometimes I’m a day or two later — but if it’s been a week or more since you wrote and I haven’t responded, please do try again! One of you messaged me on Instagram to ask about an email — I thought that was great, it’s hard to miss those orange notification alerts! Or even leave a comment on a post here, if you’re worried that an email/FB message hasn’t been seen.

And again, I apologize for anyone I’ve missed! I’m certainly not ignoring anyone!


7 thoughts on “Are you waiting to hear from me?

  1. Haha I wrote you in late August (email) and didn’t hear anything back, unless I need to check my spam…I will, and email again if needed. I’m off FB for Lent & don’t use any of the other social media. Thanks!

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